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The age of majority in the United States due to its stupid laws where not only you have to be 21 to drink, you also have to be 21 to stay at a hotel and rent a car (although some discriminating rental car companies won't let you rent until age 25)
This wonderful vacation is going bad since I can't even get a hotel AT ALL due to their stupid policies saying I have to be 21! This means I have to sleep on the floor, YUCK! Hope they won't check my ID at the bar because I am only 18...Oh wait, they did and I was denied entry...FUCK!
by NHRHS2010 June 15, 2011
mostly 18, sometimes 16. But in the United States, it's 21. Main reason why American college students leave the country for spring break. Also proven to be a trap for international students coming to study.
Scenario 1 (local American student)

Bar tender: Can I see an ID?
Student: (hands over fake ID)
Bar tender: Looking at your ID it does not appear to be real, I am sorry but you have to leave.
Student: WTF!?! I am seriously sick and tired of waiting until 21. I am going to Canada for spring break where the drinking age is 18!! Maybe party in Montreal! Plus they are generous to accept my American drivers license there.

Scenario 2 (International student studying in the US)

Bar tender: Can I see your ID?
Student: (hands over a European passport)
Bar tender: I'm sorry but you gotta be 21 to drink
Student: WTF!? I thought you have to be 18
Bar tender: Nope, it's 21, and it will always be
Student: Then I was tricked, in my country I can drink at age 18. The US has the stupidest drinking age ever and they seem to hate college students like us...
by NHRHS2010 May 12, 2011
The Mexican half of California
I would love to go to Baja California one day, it is beautiful down there.
by NHRHS2010 November 12, 2010
A mountainous region in western Wyoming at and around Grand Teton National Park. This area is so beautiful that it attracts tourists year-round. In the winter, people come from all over the world to go skiing.
Wow, this place is beautiful! It's worth taking a five hour flight to Salt Lake City, have a one hour layover there, and then have one more hour of flying to check out this beautiful Jackson Hole!
by NHRHS2010 March 04, 2011
A song by Lynyrd Skynyrd that is approximately ten minutes long. It is sometimes used as a ten minute timer. The first half of the song is a slow vocal ballad while the second half is a very fast instrumental rock music with a long guitar solo.
Student: "It's 7:50 AM and I have ten minutes to get to class, I'm going to turn on Free Bird to make sure I'm not late!"

Lynyrd Skynyrd: (ballad guitar riff) (sings) "If I leave here tomorrow..."

(5 minutes later)

Lynyrd Skynyrd: (song suddenly gets faster) "...Lord I can't change, won't you fly high free bird"

Student: "Shit! Five minutes till class and I am not halfway there!"

Lynyrd Skynyrd: (five minute guitar solo) (song fades away)

Student: (runs into the classroom)

Professor: "you JUST made it!"
by NHRHS2010 June 16, 2011
A well-known jazz instrumental song by Dave Brubeck. Plays in 5/4 time signature.
I would like to learn how to play Take Five in piano, guitar, saxophone and drums! It's real catchy!
by NHRHS2010 June 16, 2011
The title of the most annoying page on Internet Explorer. Formerly known as "This page cannot be displayed".
My sister needs to stop using her computer while I am using mine because when we try to use the internet at the same time, the internet disconnects and I would get a stupid error message that reads "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" instead of the page I tried to go to.
by NHRHS2010 March 04, 2011

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