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A new flavor of Monster Energy which is gaining popularity since it has absolutely zero calories, carbs AND sugar.
I don't have to worry much about the side effects of Monster Energy Absolute Zero but I still need to watch my burps!
by NHRHS2010 March 01, 2011
The world's largest ocean. People who doesn't have a good sense of direction will easily get lost while attempting to navigate the Pacific. Also has beautiful coastlines.
A Delta Air Lines pilot tried to fly from Los Angeles to New York but instead, he got lost somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean since all planes were forced to take off facing the ocean.
by NHRHS2010 March 01, 2011
The only form of ID that Americans use, therefore requiring EVERYONE to learn to drive
Asking for ID

American example:

*Can I see your drivers license
*I don't drive so I don't have a license
*Well I won't do any business with you
*WTF!?! What about a PASSPORT!?!

European example:

*Can I see your ID
*(hands over ID)
*Okay, great. Thank you!
by NHRHS2010 June 15, 2011
A tunnel at Duke University connecting East Campus with West Campus. This tunnel is completely covered in graffiti, mostly done by students.
Visitor: Where is Epworth residence?
Student: It is in East Campus. In order to get to East Campus, you must go through the Duke Graffiti Tunnel and then make a right.

Visitor: Graffiti tunnel!? Makes me wonder if graffiti is something that Duke students really like to do during spare time!
by NHRHS2010 May 28, 2011
the Korean word for diarrhea. Non-Koreans often mistake this word for Salsa
Non-Korean person: Do you have chips and solsa?
Korean person: You mean, salsa? Because solsa really means "diarrhea" in Korean.
Non-Korean person: Ewww! Nevermind, I just lost my appetite!
by NHRHS2010 July 24, 2011
The reason why your definition is not published onto Urban Dictionary
1 new message!

Urban Dictionary - Travelin' Band was not published

Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to not publish it.

Are you kidding me!?!?! WTF!? Another one??? Why are Retarded Urban Dictionary editors taking over Urban Dictionary? I am also hearing stories from my friends complaining about how their definitions are rejected.
by NHRHS2010 July 20, 2011
A type of idiots here in Urban Dictionary who decide to thumb down every single definition a single user wrote
WTF!?! I checked my definitions to see how many thumbs up and thumbs down yesterday, and again today, and today each definition had one more thumbs down than yesterday! Seems like the Urban Dictionary troll who posted shitload of retarded comments on my YouTube videos decided to come to Urban Dictionary to troll me and thumb down my definitions!
by NHRHS2010 June 16, 2011

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