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nigger thats yo' slave
yo monkey get me an iced tea.
by n00b August 23, 2003
A god-like band that happens to include Billy Corgan but that, unlike the bald taskmasker's previous band, is not built around his image. Other than Billy Corgan's unmistakable voice they have a unique sound, but it can best be likened to a more mature Pumpkins completely exorcised of whining and with more guitars (if that were possible). The Pumpkins were a great band, but it's time to move on already! Corgan says as much in his interviews.

Zwan's first album, Mary Star of the Sea, will likely turn off metalhead kiddies but fans of fresh rock music will welcome it. Standout tracks include the invigorating opener, "Lyric", the lament "Of a Broken Heart" and the readio-friendly single "Honestly".
Zwan rock, give them a listen.
by n00b April 24, 2003
an inner-city nickname given to a female with a very nice body, but a very empty brain
<Dude 1> Who's that fine ass girl right there?
<Dude 2> Man that's moosie
<Dude 1> Damn, another dumb ass fine girl!
by n00b January 24, 2004
The loss of a winning poker hand on the very last card dealt; it is frequently followed by shock, tears, and a severe need to blow things/people up. (Halo, anyone?)
3:36pm All in preflop...equal hands...I hit a better hand on flop and turn and get rivered by my arch nemesis. Anybody with the name of Sandy that you happen to know, go ahead and punch him/her in the face for me. thx...
by n00b August 08, 2004
Former scourge of thousands. Used to be seen bringing the Justice down on geeks, dorks, kill stealers and other victims. Infamously known to come to your server, take your players, and ban their ex-boyfriends. If seen in public, lull him with the Canadian national anthem and don't make eye contact. For other information, please inquire to Safehouse.org
EQ scammer: Damn that Altazar, he banned 1000 of my accounts this month.
by n00b December 16, 2003
WTF, El Camino doesnt have preps going there.. The preps go to USC and UCLA and LMU and stuff.. :o
Stormin the the party like my name is El Nino, Hangin' out drinkin in the back of El Camino
by n00b April 12, 2004
Word used to describe marijuana grown with diluted menstrual fluids.
Person 1: Wanna smoke some pussy grown?

Person 2: Why don't you shit in my mouth instead?
by n00b March 05, 2005

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