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Person A gets on the top of a bunk bed and proceeds to strategically aim his solid fecal matter into the open orifice known as the mouth and or nose of person B, who is sprawled eagerly on the floor below.
Last night I dropped a sinkhole right in Susan's mouth. It was hot!
by The Rathbone Food Staff March 31, 2008
A females anal cavity that has been penetrated by the male reproductive member enough to stretch out its "elastic" surround causing it to become saggy and loose.
Damn that bitches ass been fucked so much shes got a sink hole!
by C to da J June 29, 2006
a large or lose vagina that has been streched out from doing it so much
damn mary has such a sink hole

u did her to?
by goglymogly April 20, 2008
when a womans vagina is so loose and hollow you can hear the ocean it is know as a sinkhole
DO NOT under any circumstance have sex with a woman that has a sinkhole if you do you will never retrieve your penis
by chico May 05, 2003
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