31 definitions by N00b

A term used to describe the middle of no where, or a place a long way from somewhere. See also Bum Fuck Egypt
I don't feel like driving to ass cough california just to go see a damn movie.
by n00b March 19, 2007
guy who thinks he is the smartest of all
You think you did good on the test? HAH! You will never be as good as Pelesko, he always gets 100s.
by n00b September 15, 2003
bmx is the best fucking sport ever- now stop reading these gay ass definitions
and go ride your bike. run over some skaters too.
fit, standard, volume, fbm, s&m- no gt, is not a bmx bike nor is ur stupid ass dyno.
by n00b August 31, 2003
l337 for "fuck"
f0g y0U!
by n00b January 22, 2004
Alternate spelling of pwnt.
OMG...I p0wnt j00 like a n00b.
by n00b July 31, 2003
Best. Arguer. Ever.

He will piss you off.
by n00b August 02, 2003
The pinnacle.
R0m3 0wnz j00 n00b!
by n00b June 08, 2004

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