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13 definitions by My

english version of K-mart shopper
by My May 14, 2003
5 6
1: A frugal misanthropist

2: An overly economical person, often at the expense of their own interests
Give us a quid you cheapy chomper.
by My May 09, 2003
2 3
mispelling on the word 'pork' often performed by nob jobs whilst in the act of tromboning
taste my prok sword baby!
by My June 11, 2003
5 9
to engage in rough oral sex
The bitch chomped me nuts till I passed out
by My May 09, 2003
42 50
the useful phenomenon that stops stiffs flopping off the table when sickass necro goths try to screw em.
by My May 12, 2003
9 18
Unpleasent person from the north of england characterised by string vests, whippets on strings. Is likely to breed pigeons, or breed with them in fact. Usually has a fat wife and 3 hundred squeeling kids, and complains about the weather all the time
by My May 13, 2003
10 26