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one who manipulates events to cause trouble for other people for their own amusement
she told me my missus was baggin off on me, but I reckon she's just a skanky shit stirrer, so I didnt bother doing anything about it.
by My May 12, 2003
the act of homosexual intercourse performed without the aid of lubrication.
Don't pick up the soap without your back to the wall lads.
by My May 12, 2003
Sexual position where the man holds the girls legs up to waist height, while she balences on her hand, then he proceeds to have sex with her whilst walking around the room.
by My May 21, 2003
english word for yorkies who invade your scenic coastal town with their fat greasy wives, screaming litter of offspring, string vests and mangy dogs on strings, spend most of their time whinging about how it's much cooler on the coast, buying chips for their nasty sprogs and throwing the half eaten chips smeared in sticky ketchup all over the streets, and letting their filthy squealing kids pee in the gutter, then complain about the price of ice cream before proceeding to wade out onto the mudflats as the tide goes out requiring the rescue jeep, which the residents of the coastal town have to pay for in their council tax, to go and get them back before they drown themselves.
In the summer, swarms of skanky chip gobblers decend on the town like a flock of gannets.
by My May 13, 2003
short for spastic - derogatory term attributed to a person who has trouble controlling his or her limbs, a clumsy bugger
I don't want to go jogging thanks, I'd rather not look like a spazzy baboon
by my May 12, 2003
to inhale someone elses guff
by My June 11, 2003
1. Crude joke centred around the male genitalia

2. the physical reaction which results from swordswallowing a blokes man meat too far.
theres nothing like a good nobgag!
by My May 14, 2003

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