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When one smokes too much weed and is in a permenant state of mellowness.
A person who is burnt is slow to react and is sometimes too stupid to carry on intelligent conversation.
Adam smoked so much that he is burnt! Don't even try talkin to that fool.
by MunkySox June 01, 2004
Faster than ASAP.
I need the money PDQ.
by MunkySox March 08, 2004
When making s'mores and you don't have any chocolate you have only half a s'more
I got the graham crackers and the marshmallows but dammit I forgot the chocolate. I guess we'll have half a s'more.
by MunkySox June 03, 2004
To take a small amount of weed.
I just pinched some from the bag for now.
by MunkySox June 01, 2004
A total asshole
One who hates all walks of life
Thinks he is godly
Like calling someone "jew" as an insult.
Fuck you man, you're such a hitler youth.
by MunkySox June 01, 2004

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