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The act of drinking so much your completely InSaNe. You could run round town naked and not even remember it when you eventually regain conciousness the next day. A good night out.
"Hahahaah look at critter hes wankered!"
by Mooresy March 03, 2005
Silver Elite Hommie!!!
The savest bunch of gamers around.

Yo 2 Kuja, Maddermax, Mz
not forgetting Teh Bing! :D
Guy 1 "Did you see Bing get Pwned by that little goblin"
Guy 2 "Yeah, the rest of SE took care of him though"
by Mooresy March 03, 2005
Waun Wen Poss. Straight up. A Place, A way of life.
"Im a nasty nigger, you cant fuck with me, ill gun your ass down im from the WWP"
by Mooresy March 03, 2005
An Joke Ender. Crowd Stopper. Just something you shouldnt say. ever.
Guys: Laughing and Joking.
Bing: "Pink elephant."
*cue tumble weed*
by Mooresy March 03, 2005
2 Meanings;
-A Potato. Those loverly brown Vegetables your grandad grows.
-A lame insult. See Below.
"LT dont be a 'tato head"
"you there boy! pass me a tato"
by Mooresy March 03, 2005
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