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Worthless Without Pix. An abbrviated version of TPIWWWP.
Schmuck: I wanna by that new mod so my ricer looks sweet!!!
Not-a-schmuck: WWP!
by TEDTIGGINS November 10, 2006
Warm Wet Pussy
I'm going out tonight to get some WWP!! You coming?
by Malcolmmacdoo November 16, 2010
Acronym for "What Would Palin Say?". Inspired by the acronym WWJD ("What Would Jesus Do?"). Also inspired by the generally inane political commentary emerging from Tea Party favourite Sarah Palin's mouth and Twitter account. Acronym is referenced jokingly to imply that one should figure out where Palin stands on an issue, and then take the opposite stand - because of her illogical and extremist views.
Jimmy: They aren't releasing photos of Osama bin Laden's body. What do you think - Should they?

Craigar: WWPS?

Jimmy (after checking Twitter on his BlackBerry): Oh, man. Yeah, she's demanding blood porn to help satisfy her thirst for vengeance.

Craigar: Yeah, I'm going to take the opposite stance - we really don't need to see that photo.
by Jobin Shabe May 06, 2011
game: worms world party
i go play on wwp
i go play on worms world party
by bichnou13 February 15, 2008
Wireless-with-pictures. AKA TV. AKA television. AKA "the farseeing machine"

A "sheddism". See usenet group uk.rec.sheds.
"It came to my attention on the WWP the other day.."
by unwind-protect December 23, 2005
whipped without pussy.
Broski, why are you doing this girl's laundry? I know you've been friends since highschool but she's dating whatshisface. the most you've gotten from her was a hott postcard from her trip to hawaii. Stop being WWP, its depressing.
by sharky24 January 12, 2011
Waun Wen Poss. Straight up. A Place, A way of life.
"Im a nasty nigger, you cant fuck with me, ill gun your ass down im from the WWP"
by Mooresy March 03, 2005
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