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A person whose gender is very difficult to determine.

Derived from Kuja, the main villain of ambiguous gender from Final Fantasy 9.
Person A: Is that a guy or a girl?
Person B: Erm... I think it's a Kuja.
by Lofwyr August 12, 2005
The main villain of Final Fantasy IX. Some people thought he was a woman at first, even though he was labelled as 'Mystery Man'. Kuja is amazingly powerful, suffering only a small cut from a powerful attack from Bahamut. He also destroys a planet which Id like to see any other FF villain do.
No way! Kuja just beat the hell outta my level 60 party!!!
by Adelbert Steiner March 20, 2008
A male final fantasy villain who wears a thong and is mistaken for a girl for the first part of the game

villain for Final fantasy 9
Kuja is supposed to be a GUY?!!
by Dyne November 25, 2003
One hell of a man. He is truely an asset to the LPMB.
Ron, you're being such a Kuja today :) Let's fuck.
by Durchkomponiert December 21, 2004
Kuja means brother in Phillipino pronounced KU YA
Chad is my big kuja - Chad is my big brother
by Beezey February 03, 2008
I sexy guy who loves RP'ing and wearing ace clothes.....WOOO KUJAAAAA!!!

P.S......Lutz is super fit and shagable
*is a sexy bastard*
you remind me of Kuja

*is stylish*
hey, is your name Kuja?!
by .....Kuja....and matty.... July 14, 2004
A man who likes milk.

See www.digitalpaintball.net
by Anonymous February 24, 2003