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A brand of cigarettes in France. All the cigs are pink and have vanilla flavoring (a.k.a. they are amazing) They come in a black box with a pink elephant facing backwards on it and "Pink Elephant" written in pink.
Joe: Hey can i have a cigarette please?
((gets a cigarette))
Joe: OH SHIT these cigarettes are pink!!!!

Harold: yep they are pink elephants.
by ally9867 April 18, 2006
Something so large and obvious (like a pink elephant), but nobody says a word- like it doesn't even exist, making the the whole circumstance very akward.
Fred: He brought Nancy to the dinner?
Samantha: Yes! And it was so akward- everybody knew Nancy was the girl he was seeing before we broke up, but nobody said a word!! She was, without a doubt, the pink elephant of the night!
by Hdsweetpea August 30, 2006
What one sees when going cold turkey from alcohol addiction.
The wino dried up and saw some pink elephants today.
by Kerb November 29, 2004
what you see when you are incredibaly drunk off your ass
my dad came in the house and humped the air, claiming it was a pink elephant
by ShadowsOfBlood February 08, 2004
A next level "mooning" maneuver designed to show more disrespect than the standard act of mooning. The Pink Elephant is fairly simple, but specific to the male gender. It is achieved by undoing one's fly and exposing the bare penis whilst pulling the pockets out of the pants. The inside out pockets represent the elephant's ears and the exposed penis symbolizes the trunk.
Guy #1: "Wow, you totally gave that passing truck driver the Pink Elephant!"

Guy #2: " I know, I've grown tired of mooning people... it's just too common place these days"
by jbone June 27, 2012
(n): A symbol of gay republicans
Hernan is a member of the pink republicans whose symbol is a pink elephant.
by jaime penny October 14, 2006
Brand of ecstasy tablet. They are pink in colour and bear the imprint of an elephant on the face of the tablet.
What kind of pills did you take?

Pink Elephants.
by Colin Mac October 04, 2006

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