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A way of communicating one-upmanship to another party.
BLAOW, how ya like me now?
by Moomin April 08, 2004
tiddlers is a game played with erect penises.
the game is always played by the chimp and only the chimp. he selects his victims at random. carl and martin do occasionally play but they learned everything from the cockmaster himself
by moomin February 12, 2003
Foolio - Lucy, a herb, a witch, false tan.
lucy u is a follio and no mistake
by moomin April 10, 2003
Duncan still hasn't worked it out yet - He was asked if he wanted to go to bingo by a nice bird - He went, but didn't get any lap action - he is still trying to fiqure out if it means anything
Do you want to go bingo Dunc
by Moomin May 27, 2004
1. First bloke into the showers after a game and the last to leave.
2.Useful insult when loosing an argument with your mates (implies they are fudge packers).
backs to the wall batty boys about
by moomin December 01, 2003
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