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A person from Minnesota who is clumsy, socially awkward, slow at getting jokes, and very bad at dancing. They are not dependable and should never be trusted around anything fragile or dangerous.
"No! Don't let the foolio hold it! He's gonna break it!"

"Everybody laughed cause you were dancing like a foolio."

"So, you're from Minnesota?"
"Oh ya, fer sure dontcha know."
"Damn, foolio."
by JackJonJason November 27, 2008
n. fool - a good word to call someone in jest or a term of a endearment
Hey foolio, how ya been? or
No, foolio, the answer is clearly...
by Lily Moriarty February 15, 2005
A native of Minnesota commonly know to act and dance in a stupid and awkward manner.
Look at that chump dance like a foolio!
by 9 out of 10 experts October 25, 2008
variation of fool.
Hey foolio, let's go catch a movie tonight
by Bungalow Bill November 16, 2001
A Funny Or Crazy Person
That Girl Sharnelle Is A Foolio
by GorgeouStar March 03, 2010
1- To be a fool, unintellegent, believing one has more intellegence than one really has.

2- To act or behave older than one actually is

3- To be very gulliable, ignorant
1- "Jane fell into the fountain while trying to steal coins. Foolio!"

2- "Those fifth graders are wearing make up and purses, they're not even teenagers yet. Foolios!"

3- "Dan handed in his assignment on male anatomy to his math teacher 'cause Bill told him to. Bill made him look like such a foolio!"
by Cheaplaves March 14, 2005
An idiot
What's up foolio? Done anything stupid lately?
by Bob$ki October 11, 2013

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