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The first and oldest UK TV rip group founded in October 2001. Pioneers of UK TV, setting the standards for others to follow.
m00tv kick ass !
by moocow August 06, 2003
refering to sticking your wang in somebody.
Hey Hottie, wanna go play hide my sausage?
by MooCow April 15, 2005
The assboom refers to a large bomb of watery feces exploding in your anus.
"Oh my god, I'm having an assboom!"
by MooCow March 19, 2005
Originates from moronity.
Means spending-money or "cash"
Oh hell! im all out of Cashizzle!
by MooCow March 24, 2005
lmao faggotcrunk

it always ends in some shitty punchline by lettuce
have you ever touched your little sister sexually in the vagina or breasts
strong deception
by MooCow February 24, 2005
To fart and stain whatever is below you with a light orange color.It sometimes smells like pumpkins. Similiar to Assboom
"Dennis! Did you just pumpkin? There's an orange stain on the sofa!"
by MooCow March 19, 2005
1) University Scholars' Program
A scholarly program from a world-class university.

2) Clumsy, klutzy.
This definition allegedly originated when a member of the aforementioned program filled a slurpee cup while neglecting the effects of air pressure, resulting in the cup exploding.
1) How on earth did you manage to spill your drink all over the table? USP!!!

2) Did you hear about that USP thing he did the other day? He actually dropped hius chopsticks on the floor while carrying his tray back to his seat! What a klutz!
by MooCow December 14, 2003

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