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awesome tallented lady.
name is japanese and means '1000 generations'
total hotness
omg Chiyo is like hotness
by Faranora March 17, 2007
Noun describing a person of asian descent, who, despite being like 12 years old, is one of da best posters on da internet.
chiyo, you fagot, when is faggotcrunk going to get updated?
by nermy2k February 16, 2005
lmao faggotcrunk

it always ends in some shitty punchline by lettuce
have you ever touched your little sister sexually in the vagina or breasts
strong deception
by MooCow February 24, 2005
One of the worst posters from livingwithstyle forums, of asian descent, and is about eleven years old. His posts are really shitty, he uses horrible spelling, and is hated by the entire forum.
Hey chiyo you faggot stop posting shitty threads and get the fuck out!
by Teelo February 17, 2005
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