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zero dream is a violent Rockman fangirl
by moo October 18, 2003
Japanese word for meaning "your house".
Another person's house.
"Watashitachi wa otaku ni ikimasu."
by Moo November 01, 2004
name of a creature living on an island in hawaii. eats only kim chee and is a Disney fanatic. only work out it does is ballet. picks its nose when no one is looking. then smears it on the wall. antonym of a bibo.
what's that smell? ew. its aichan!
by moo June 30, 2004
The best word ever to grace the human language.
"Dude, you did that so macafroiniously."
by Moo October 22, 2003
A rather disgusting liquidy form of faeces passed out the rear end, usually after a night on the piss when one has consumed more liquid than donner kebabs.
"Dewd, I went for a **** but only liquid came out!?"
by Moo January 12, 2005
Teh almighty puddle!
Play any sonic the hedgehog game and you'll know
by mOO February 10, 2004
canned fish.
He ate spish
by moo March 24, 2003

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