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55 definitions by Moo

slush and ice that hurts when it is made into a snowball and thrown at you. it is NOT soft powder or white. it is usually mixed with mud and dirt and has a dir ty quality about it. or it is ice and not snow at all. the latter is usually the case.
this snow in georgia is retarded.
by moo January 30, 2005
a word used when you hit your ass really hard on the pullout couch
person one- shiznahmutherfukk
person two- you must be expressing anger and pain for the fact that you hit your ass on the pullout couch really hard
person one- that i am... that, i, am
by moo August 30, 2004
Pokey Downey Thingy, the middle of a clipper.
by Moo March 29, 2003
#1 resource for cheese. Currently 652 cheeses in the databank.
Fuck, they even have a search by textures option!
by Moo May 25, 2003
Japanese. Meaning "I see" or "I understand"
"Mama wa ooki desu."
"Aa sou."
by Moo December 07, 2004
How kebab should be pronounced
"Break yoself give me sum KEBUB now biatch"
by Moo December 06, 2003
cool guy with big penis
wow, what a russty
by moo March 18, 2003