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55 definitions by Moo

Mostly dust.
"This modem is mostly dust."
by moo October 08, 2003
Clay Aiken....obviously!
American Idol found....shows over!
by MOO August 09, 2004
A company that made the game RuneScape
This game is the game with the most cheaters in it
Cheats 4 life
by mOO March 08, 2004
Online Forums
I am a Moderator at GameWinners.com.
by Moo March 13, 2004
name of a beautiful girl that lives on guam.
wow! that girl's hott! her name must be bibo!
by moo June 30, 2004
Derived from the italian for penis, Minchia is used as a noun describing ANYTHING that is cheesy, stereotypical, self-conscious or just plain minchia. This definition is minchia in itself.
1) In music - damn, I've really had enough of that death-by-nostalgia Franz-Ferdinand minchia
2) In food - say, shall we go out for a minchia meal?
3) In the arts - jeez, the whole concept of theatre was minchia from the start
by Moo March 23, 2005