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a romanian goddess; a hott hott bootylicious mama from the land of the Dracul
If you would be my Ligia, I would worship you forever
by moo March 17, 2005
a Beautiful latin girl with tan skin and an athlete.
That girl looks like a ligia
by Frances December 30, 2004
A Strong beautiful voice
Ligia Loves you.
by jjlig February 03, 2010
Hottest person in the world AND best soccer player
You're such a Ligia!
by Juli March 24, 2005
lazy person who likes to sleep all day
wake up Ligia
by papalapte March 27, 2009
an ungrateful monster that farts all day and is fatter than a whale
shes a ligia!
by bob scheinder bob bob May 10, 2010
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