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1) A unique blend of ska, punk, stadium rock and emo.
2) The centre of a wedge.
3) The piece of skin between the anus and the scrotum.
Dont sit there, you will surely tear your wedgecore.
I laughed so hard i split my wedgecore.
by monkey October 18, 2003
An individual introducing a certain northen charm into the beautiful game, almost always resulting in a right royal fuck up.
We were well on for scoring then but Tone had to twat it up with his fucking scouse flair!
by Monkey June 04, 2004
Noun. To loan a person money or goods without questions or terms.

Origin unknown
Hey Cuban, I'm out of smokes. How bout some skoots?
by Monkey September 23, 2004
a great freestyle motocross rider!
heelclicker backflip!
by monkey February 16, 2004
biscuit-shaped poo. Commonly occurs after playing scrabble. Also can be used as an insult for someone who is not clever.
Oi, you arsebiscuit!
by Monkey January 08, 2005
Either a man that sells you pot, or the act of strangling a bitch.
If that bitch isn't there, I'm going to Fat Neck her.
by Monkey December 05, 2004
1. a replacing word for a person
2. a thousand dollars
3. a gangsta
1. yo g let me get some of that weed
2. yo man I got 3 g's
3. I got checked by five g's today
by Monkey January 31, 2004

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