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The official rave or techno sound of a pulsing beat, usually written with an umlaut (two dots) over the 'U'.
I went to this rave, and the music went "untz untz untz untz untz untz untz untz" and I got a blowjob.
by ClamChowderus September 14, 2007
The sound a raver makes while raving, usually combined with rapid movements as well as glowsticks.

Origin: Sounds like a techno song.
"Untz untz untz untz untz. I'm raving. Untz untz untz untz."
by mongo April 07, 2003
The sound that the Biscuits create with their all powerfull UNTZtruments
Last night when Brownie started dropping those bombs during the HAB jam, I remembered how much I live for the UNTZ!
by spacebirdben September 04, 2007
the untz is the ultimate beat in ones life u either live by the untz or die by the untz in untz when u rave.. you untz when you have sex..theres no escaing it
WE UNTZED all over that bitch to our domes
by Ryan Walsh November 28, 2007
The sound of the techno porn groove.
You: D00d, those bees are totally doing it.
Me: Untz untz untz untz
by lizzi May 19, 2005
A deliberate attempt to pull a prank on another individual that has no negative affect on that person or anybody else;
To pull a prank where the consequences will be deliberately inconsequential.
"I just replaced your 2-ply toilet paper with 3-ply. You've been untzed!"


Reparking somebody's car in an adjacent parking space, possibly where they don't even notice a change. They have been untzed.
by Joel K January 25, 2005
a word created in the lake, formulating the sound of the bass drum (un) the snare (t) and the hi-hat (z) into one easy to say work.

three times now! untz untz untz.
"Cause if all this ended tomorrow, with everything we've seen, done, and accomplished...I'll be happy knowing that UNTZ began here. In our little lake."
by Brother March 01, 2007
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