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2 definitions by Mols

Cool in a flashy and/or trendy way.

Derived from Yiddish slang. Originally, 'shtick' means prank in Yiddish.

At Jewish weddings, the guests often do shtick to entertain the bride and groom: either by performing short, funny skits, or by doing awesome acrobatics, or by dancing about with big, showy props like balloons filled with confetti, lace-covered arches, weird hats, etc. and occasionally all three.

Naturally, shtick goes in and out of fashion, as everything tends to do, meaning that if shtick is used at weddings, it always has to be the latest trendy shtick so that it should be cool.

And thus shticky became slang for trendy/cool.
"Omg, you have got to see my blue sparkly boots. They're really shticky!"
by Mols May 29, 2008
The abbreviated form of orthodontist.
Geeky girl: Oh, I have a dontist appointment tomorrow.
Awkward guy: Uhh...do you have a cavity? Or something? Uhh...I hate the dentist.
Geeky girl: Not DENtist, DONtist. I have braces, see? *grins widely*
by Mols May 29, 2008