Australian: A woman's dress. Can be for a special occasion such as a ballgown - but can apply to day wear.
1) She answered the door in a cotton summer frock.
2) The bride wore a lovely frock with lace and shit on it.
3) There were some stunning frocks on the red carpet at the Oscars.
by Fast Rita September 11, 2006
1. A fancy dress worn during religous or other significant occasions.

2. Wild and unkempt hair.
1. "I say, Isabelle, that is a most stunning frock. Might I have a peek at your ankle?"

2. "Dang, girl, yo frock is triflin', you needs ta be gettin' yo herr did."
by James November 10, 2004
Something which may appear to be true at first glance, but upon later examination could very well turn out to be complete bullshit. Man landing on the moon? Possible frock moonwalk. JFK getting shot by Lee Harvey Oswald? Possible frock assassination. A bunch of sly Arabs flying two planes into the World Trade Center? Possible frock national tragedy. Ruben Studdard winning the second edition of American Idol over international sex symbol and world-class crooner Clay Aiken? DEFINITELY frock reality show singing contest fan voting.
Mike Fatcessa says play a 28 game season or whatever amount of games for seeding purposes. Then, have EVERY TEAM compete in a tournament for the Stanley Cup. This helps revenues, too.

Main Plus: Revenues
Main Fault: Possible frock champ
by Absolutely not Clay Aiken August 10, 2009
Frock is a verb commonly used in term of the work "Fuck". It can also be using in the place of god in terms of phrases such as "oh god"
*someone drops an anchor on your foot*

person 1: frock you man!
person 2: oh my frocking bad im so sorry holy frock!

oh frock i forgot my non alchoholic beverages!
by theflyingdutchess July 04, 2015
1. A musician who wants to both rock you and fuck you later cuz you have big boobs will frock you.

2. The result of a horny drunk frog and a horny rock having sexual intercoarse.
We're lucky we don't live in fucking China, cause dem frogs can only have one frock as a child
by alienking June 12, 2011
To insert one's fingers or hand vigorously into another's frocket(Front pocket).
You got frocked good man!

Im thinking about frocking her.
by Jolly Green giant. June 20, 2011
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