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The bitch who took away half of your property.
My ex-wife is an asshole.
by Mokonamon May 08, 2005
n - Anyone who did bad things without being noticed
Sam is a very good kid
by Mokonamon May 10, 2005
N - A con who is very successful in cheating people's money, even a little Child. A successful businessman could make their retarded dumb ass victim come back willingly and let them cheat their money again and again.
Ronald McDonald is a very successful businessman
by Mokonamon May 29, 2005
A positive adjective to describe a wired looking outfit
What a fashion! You look very stylish today!
by Mokonamon May 11, 2005
The best vocabulary to give critic negatively without piss off anybody
Your sense of faction is very unique.
by Mokonamon May 11, 2005
A polite word for rejecting someone who wants to be your date.
Hey Al, we are still good friend, right?
by Mokonamon May 10, 2005
Describe a situation that is fucking sure.
'Honey , is it in yet ?' 'Defucknitely yes !'
by Mokonamon May 08, 2005

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