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a plastic or stainless steel tube that two rump rangers simultaneously stick up their asses an allow an entrapped gerbal two run about inside tickleling their rrctums.
Richard Gere was once caught on Fire Island with a gerbal tube jammed up his ass.
by Moe Foe April 13, 2005
Another examlpe of lazy black speech that illustrates they can't put the effort into even cursing correctly.
Look dat mo fo trippin on dose ho's.
by Moe Foe March 30, 2005
Words that don`t exist ala "Don KIng".Voiceterous miss used for boisterous.
ShaQ O`Niell, " Koby an me have problem cause we boft so voiceterous."
by Moe Foe November 02, 2003
A young white who wishes to emulate simian bahavior right down to walking around with his wrists and fingers twisted as if afflicted with some horrible paralysis. ( Sorry for the correct spelling and proper punctuation.)
Try as he may, that young wigger will never grow up to be an old silverback.
by Moe Foe April 13, 2005
Nigga for truth it seems it takes a whole lot of effort on thier part to pronounce the "th" sound.
That Hamster just said, "let the trueff be told".
by Moe Foe April 21, 2005
A local custom in the Catskill mountains of N.Y. state where faggots run around the woods and hide behind trees showing each other their asses.
Hey Brucie , gather up Roger and Lester and we'll go out and play a vigourous game of hienees.
by Moe Foe April 21, 2005
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