18 definitions by Modge

Fat girl, usually three kids down, with rent to pay and no man. Sad thing.
Beth sure is on her way to being a big ol' bossie. Hope her check clears.
by Modge July 01, 2003
A person who loves pregant women.
Mark is a real flowboy now.
by Modge June 22, 2003
A little momma's boy with an obnoxious attitude; the one whose lunch money is stolen even though he gets everything else he wants.

"That little shit ain't nothin' but a diddle boy."
by Modge September 21, 2003
Geek; a little kid.
She's percy.

by Modge June 22, 2003
Psm's lums.
by Modge June 22, 2003
A person who back-ups another in a third rated way.
Jake is bad, and so is Beth. But Chaz is a mitchy.
by Modge June 22, 2003
Done in; through. Usually because of age.
John's ass is fuckin' spent.
by Modge October 12, 2003

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