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An opinion concerning another's mental wellness.
"That fucker's crazier than a shithouse rat."
by Modge September 21, 2003
1. A dumb-assed guy who magically nails a lot of women for nothing but personal satisfaction.
2. A real dickhead who did the aforementioned ten years before.

John's just a spent ram rod.
by Modge October 12, 2003
A supernatural affliction put upon one by another; usually for the bad and not the good.
Sexy Sue was unsexy after Jake threw that hex on her.
by Modge June 22, 2003
An anagram for Jim Morrison; also an alias for his reincarnations whose names are Ana and John.
Mojo Risin' lives in Florida and Portugal now.
by Modge May 03, 2004
To fuck everyone in your path to get what you want for yourself.
Most often from the Associated Press.
"He was a real stickline.."
by Modge June 22, 2003
A straight man's love for a lesbian.
Johnny's got the sweetcha for Dana.
by Modge July 01, 2003
A group of dykes and gay men who think they're above everyone in their own circle.
See also "flake".
The sleers meet down the street when they have a problem with their straight families.
by Modge October 12, 2003

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