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Ignorant individual, dumb ass, dipshit, etc.
You're a real ratchet ass!
by Mindy February 13, 2005
a dangerous turtle to stay away from...
Fu*k! That snapper just took my finger off!!!
by mindy June 06, 2003
Amazing drummer from the band Interpol. Joined in year 2000 to replace original drummer, Greg.

Also makes his own pasta.
Sam kicks major ass.
by Mindy February 25, 2005
A male sex demon. He will take the form of an appealing looking man to the average human women and tempt her to mate with him. That is his goal. To mate with a human women so he can then Produce more of his evil species. :)
by mindy August 09, 2003
An individual you find extremely annoying and hard to get rid of.
Get out of my face you butt scab!
by Mindy February 13, 2005
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