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A couple of quirky people who feed off each others dork-like demeanor to enhance the dorkiness
Edis and Lindsay are totally Dorkus
by lj23456 February 24, 2013
someone who acts a bit dorky but is cute at the same time
Seth Cohen is a dorkus. ^_^
by MlNlvan November 15, 2003
A word Linus Sebastian decided to make up as a combination of dork and doofus
The use of mobile technology on the street is so ubiquitous that you don't look like a dorkus.
by ccrider95 February 04, 2015
One who behaves in an awkward and/or dorky manner but does not give a shit so therefore is in actuality very cool
She is a dorkus, i love her.
by Cecilia March 20, 2005
A dork to the extreme or an extremely foolish person. Usually used in the term "Dorkus Maximus", but can be used alone.
OMG, he has a PDA and a cell phone that is a PDA, what a dorkus!
by Scottie July 29, 2003
Someone is is dorky, but just doesnt care that he/she is a dork, thus making them very cool in the eyes of other dorkii**.
Rinn is such a total dorkus.
by Tenmei00 October 30, 2005
A person who is too far beyond the normal dork. They have taken the dorkdum to a whole new level.
Herb is not just a damn dork, he's a dorkus
by judy January 28, 2004
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