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The pure and utter state of being pathetic.
We've reached a new level of patheticty here...
by Michael November 13, 2003
im jus' checkin' my hotmail
by michael April 20, 2003
Short for faggot. Used in chats such as IRC, Palace, AIM, etc.
dude yr such a effin fggt
by Michael October 15, 2004
Vanilla flavored vag juice
I could really go for a fresh cup of vagilla right about now.
by Michael October 16, 2005
When somebody is 'buggered' by an xylophone
when somebody has sex with an xylophone
lets go to a music lesson ill sit here on this xylophone ......... oh yeah
im horny and the only thing i have is an xylophone ;)
by Michael July 26, 2004
televizzle means television
I am watching the television.
I be watchin' ma' televizzle.
by Michael December 06, 2003
Combination of the two words 'pathetic' and 'sad'. Used to describe a situation that is so pathetic it's not even funny, it's just sad.
The fat kid who kept slipping and falling into the puddle was just pathetisad.
by Michael March 11, 2003

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