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307 definitions by Michael

An individual that supports the University of Alabama sports programs.
Those folks really pull for a BAMA win.
by Michael March 02, 2005
the best game ever. that is also the most detailed, and exiting that has expanded over almost all consoles
do I need an example??
by Michael March 30, 2005
When you try to make a good call on someone but end up looking like a tool yourself, have your comeback destryed. To try and make yourself look cool by putting someone down but then they make you look like a tool.
"Hey idot watch out for the car fag!"

"Its parked you stupid nob"

2 "Your an idot"

"Your the one that glued your nob to a vending machine"
by Michael January 13, 2005
the so-called in-crisis country... but you'll see tons of new benz and bimmer on da street......
look at that S-class on the left, and that 7 series on the right... and so on...
by Michael February 18, 2004
when some 1 is talking shit or making up lies
your chatting ssssssss Leon that chick didnt give u pussy
by Michael November 27, 2003
Blood from a vagina, typically from when a woman is on her period.
The vagina juice got all over the new sheets.
by Michael April 13, 2005
Most commonly used by Michael/Sypher/Gogo(AIM).
Look at that, Newbie Tom is using ";x", how new can he get?
by Michael December 16, 2003