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When you try to make a good call on someone but end up looking like a tool yourself, have your comeback destryed. To try and make yourself look cool by putting someone down but then they make you look like a tool.
"Hey idot watch out for the car fag!"

"Its parked you stupid nob"

2 "Your an idot"

"Your the one that glued your nob to a vending machine"
by Michael January 13, 2005
Blood from a vagina, typically from when a woman is on her period.
The vagina juice got all over the new sheets.
by Michael April 13, 2005
the best game ever. that is also the most detailed, and exiting that has expanded over almost all consoles
do I need an example??
by Michael March 30, 2005
when some 1 is talking shit or making up lies
your chatting ssssssss Leon that chick didnt give u pussy
by Michael November 27, 2003
the so-called in-crisis country... but you'll see tons of new benz and bimmer on da street......
look at that S-class on the left, and that 7 series on the right... and so on...
by Michael February 18, 2004
Most commonly used by Michael/Sypher/Gogo(AIM).
Look at that, Newbie Tom is using ";x", how new can he get?
by Michael December 16, 2003
The loose, rigid, salty labia of an aged female slut.
They had an all-you-can-eat Beef Jerky buffet at the womens retirement home.
by Michael April 22, 2005

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