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A method utilized by corporations to escalate bureaucracy.
Let's schedule a teleconference to discuss how we can more efficiently schedule teleconferences
by michael February 23, 2005
Guyspeak for "who cares, just open your legs". Used to get a girl into bed, regardless of her actual weight.
GF: I hate my body - do you think I'm fat?
BF: I don't think you're fat.
by Michael December 29, 2003
Bedding/blanket comprised of two layers of cloth, filled with stuffing of some kind, and sewn together. Filling can be down, which is warm, luxurious, lightweight, and warm.
It was cold last night, so I got out the comforter
by michael November 11, 2003
The adjective for 'dictator'
Someone said dictorial was a word and it's not. So I made it a word.
by Michael April 19, 2005
Short for faggot. Used in chats such as IRC, Palace, AIM, etc.
dude yr such a effin fggt
by Michael October 15, 2004
A cover, like a pillowcase, to protect and beautify a comforter, often down, because down comforters are expensive, precious, and delicate. A down comforter with a tear, rip, or hole will leak.
After spending $300 on a down comforter, an $80 duvet is a sound investment
by michael November 11, 2003
basically means someone who is big and hariy and particularly ugly. They remind you of a beast so much that you would not be surprised if a knight rode in to slay them.
My sister is such a "behir" (usually said with alot of might and enthusiasm).
by Michael April 19, 2005

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