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Binx is a superhero cat trained to save the world from bad guys and to cuddle it's human.
Never fear Super Binx is here!
by motownandjazz September 23, 2009
highly intelligent being...

possessing extraordinary ability...

a person from elite community...

higly gifted
oh! that guy is a binx he answered that very complex mathematical problem...

by asocle03 March 05, 2009
Clueless individual void of common sense and direction.
Jason Mongolon from Plano, Tx is a Binx
by Ender from Dallas February 20, 2007
A one of a kind human/binx mixed female living in a secret location in the wilds of northern Ontario Canada.

Binx speaks English and Binx. Binx language is reserved for extra special people only, as determined by Binx herself.

Binx mates only with Bonx, another one of a kind human hybrid (human/bonx). Binx and Bonx make a formidable team that is not to be trifled with.

Binx is a highly intelligent and opinionated creature who should always be listened to as she is always right.

Binx is a spoiled creature who sees being spoiled as her just dues and accepts spoiling with grace and a considerable amount of lavish praise spread to all who recognize her uniqueness.

All other references to Binx in any capacity are unacceptable and defamatory.

Binx is named Binx due to the fact that she is in possession of Binx magic. Those fortunate enough to be a recipient of Binx magic will have their lives forever altered in ways that boggle the mind and defy logic. A rarity indeed.
Binx's is as Binx's ... Duuuu uuuu uuuuus (Binx theme song
by Binxers July 02, 2011
Incredibly hot babesitch
Guy 1: "Dude hear there are some finxin binxes at whole foods"
Guy 2: "Damn brimsich"
by chet sterling May 31, 2012
its like the word fuck...but more can mean whatever you want it to
"dude I just binxed that chick"
"damnit I just binxed my knee"
"that guys such a binx"
by NiClarke January 24, 2009
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