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the only guy i kno who isn't fake as hell hes really down to earth and he aCtually listens when people talk ulike most of u dumbass guys out thurr
anthoni will listen to errythang u gotta say
by method gurl February 22, 2004
I sleep around for money for crack
fuck me please, i need the cash for crack
by Method Gurl December 02, 2004
iono nun bout him buh da pplz say he crunk if u crunk papi den im wit cha plus u gave me propz so here go mine wun
riksta sound like a dood i cud get ta kno ya feel me
by mEtHoD gUrL April 21, 2005
a blood killa all me Crips in Flatbush know wut im talkin bkout right..............RIGHT!!
All me Crip plus me and ne1 in their right mind would say B.K fo life!!! BIATCH!!!!!
by Method Gurl January 22, 2004
An asshole, usually belonging to a girl who prefers normal sex over buttseks, hence "less travelled"

I personally enjoy buttseks.
Damn look at her road less travelled
by Method Gurl December 29, 2004
i luv dem they fine they real n they gotz skillz SO IF U HATE EM, N I FIND OUT WHO U IZ, WATCH YO SELF BIATCH!!!!! HANH!!!
say i yi yi yi yiiiiiiii
those r jus a few of sum Crunk songs by da ying yang twins
by METHOD GURL February 02, 2004
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