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a person whos an idiot, acts stupid
damnit your such an idjiot
hahhah ur an idjiot
by melee June 11, 2003
to say bye, later, the gosho way.
alrite im outrozz
gtg gee im outrozz
by Melee June 10, 2003
slang for an amazingly beautiful female; see also april
homegirl is straight jujuretared.
by melee August 28, 2004
slang for gosu

gosu:Literally, "High Hand". Fuguratively, very skilled, ghetto, or godly. Generally a collective term that means anything awesome.
IE: mel anunciado is sooo gosu
damn that chick is gosu
haha oh shit that was some gosu micro
by Melee June 08, 2003
instead of gosu, your gaysu.

doing something gay or the act of being gay, something thats gay or you dont like
damn that test was gaysu
omFg LB is gaysu
hahahha damn thats gaysu
by Melee June 10, 2003

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