71 definitions by Meh

idiot, someone who is of low intelligence and acts in a idiodic manner
someone has just done a stupid thing..."You are a Toonda"
by Meh March 20, 2005
a pasty piece of meh
that guy taylor's pretty pasty!!!
by meh February 06, 2005
Berowra!! or boganville.
thank god i dont live at the rowra.
by meh December 13, 2003
A ksar is usually used in reference to those with names of Blinkie or Switch.
Rask loves ksars because they're more sex0r than he'll ever be.

Rask looks up to ksars because ksars pwn
by meh December 20, 2003
The nicknme for mount colah where the love of my life lives. almost boganville(berowra) but not quite.
where do u live?
up at the coz
by Meh November 15, 2003
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