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Meaning whatever or a noises indicating a shrug. A nonchalant noise.
A prolonged mehhhhhhhhh indicates extreme apathy. Can also mean dont go there
Hows the homework? "Mehhhh"
by meh September 05, 2003
Hey or other muffled exclamation.
Emma said "Mrph!" when she got bitten.
by meh September 05, 2003
a smoothie made of vomit
Hey Andrew, wanna puke smoothie? I made it myself.
#vomit #puke #smoothie #eat #yum
by meh July 04, 2006
The second funnest of the 7 deadly sins, after lust.
I had been lusting all day, so I decided to kick back and work on sloth.
by Meh March 10, 2004
Gneralas is a fully sick gamer ulleh.
Gneralas a fully sick cunt ulleh
by Meh March 07, 2005
Any person who attends or loves FESS. Mainly Rob, Chris, and Sean. See related words i love fess, beffer, genius.
Living a fair distance from FESS, i can't wait til i get to go see those FESSers.
by Meh August 19, 2003
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