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My father and mentor in electronica.
AwesomeAnDrEw420: 4 hours, 16 minutes, 12 seconds of Hardcore.
Mecha Deltron: =-O
Mecha Deltron: DI?
AwesomeAnDrEw420: Yes.
Mecha Deltron: 8-)
by Del March 13, 2004
7 Words related to AwesomeAnDrEw
1. A common mispelling for "Awesome AnDrEw".
2. The leetest hacker, cracker, and programmer available.
3. Visual Basic programmer.
4. Electronica fanatic.
5. Crazy motherfucker.
6. Del's father.
7. Proboards destroyer.
Did you see Awesome AnDrEw's username?
by Red Leader January 15, 2004
1. 1337E$T Hacker/Cracker
2. Awesome Visual Basic Programmer
3. Funny as hell
4. Del's Papa
5. W2 Owner
6. ProBoards Destructor
AwesomeAnDrEw420: Del is my son

AwesomeAnDrEw420: Just to let you know if you suspect anything there are more than 1 person in this operation.

AwesomeAnDrEw420: This is going to take place when you least expect it.

AwesomeAnDrEw420: We'll hit you when you're down, and we'll keep you down.

AwesomeAnDrEw420: Yes, yes I am. I am usually vengeful when someone pisses me off.

AwesomeAnDrEw420: I don't care if you were talking to the president.
by Meh January 17, 2004

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