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sketchy to the point of extreme fascination of subtle idiocyncratic items
<taken from an actual log file of two people in a state of zombozsis> i don't think zombies can eat other zombies ...right but what if they eat all the peoples brains does that leave one zombie without a brain to eat?
...you're the math wiz
by meh December 18, 2003
1.) A description for a person who faked his death online. Usually comes with pink banners and massive forum wars.

2.) A liar.
1.) Pooey boo hooo Capn_Action is dead...;_;

2.) You are such a Capn_Action

3.) Let's pull a Capn Action!
by Meh August 26, 2003
word i invented. It doesnt mean shit but nevertheless i still use it to express idiocy towards other idiots being the idiot that i am.
(Any question or observation will do)

my reply: oegie

Usually then a weird look is given or the request to repeat the reply. After the second time a well placed kick in groin concludes the interaction.
by meh February 09, 2005
n. Is a gooey substance that errupts from Osmans penis in a time of excitement. Other forms are: Osmalating and Osmalated.
I just osmalated everywhere.
by meh November 18, 2003
The best game ever, download it at www.cosmicrift.com
Cool Guy: Cosmic rift is better than CS, SC, D2, and WC3
Cool Guy: *click *clock *BLAM!!!
Nerd: wtf... you type killed me?
by meh November 10, 2003
a kentuckevil wang that broke my heart when he cheated on me
my bf cheated on me. hes such a sepaul
by Meh November 15, 2003
Meaning whatever or a noises indicating a shrug. A nonchalant noise.
A prolonged mehhhhhhhhh indicates extreme apathy. Can also mean dont go there
Hows the homework? "Mehhhh"
by meh September 05, 2003
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