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a network that takes anime and censors it for content because they are dumbass conservatives. Takes rip-offed action shows from WB like Xaolin showdown. Replaced classic cartoons like dexter's lab and jonny bravo with gayass shows like my gym partner's a monkey and hi hi puffy ami yumi. They turned ed edd n eddy into shit because they had to make the characters go to school. They censor billy and mandy and foster's home for adult content (for the same reason as anime). Adult Swim USED to be good with ATHF and Futurama, but now they have queer shows like robot chicken. They even put a gayass dipshit preschool block called Tickle U which pretty much ruins the entire fucking schedule. Pretty much the most pathetic excuse for animation ever made.
Cartoon Network best unfuck themselves or I will unscrew their heads and shit down their necks!
by meh June 30, 2006
four reasons why our children end up gay/mentally retarded.
the teletubbies give each other oral sex and worship a sun that is a FUCKING BABY! OMG the baby is a god!
by meh June 16, 2006
symbol for either confusion, high / stoned-ness (aka tripping out) , or surprise.
1. whaa? @.@
2. a) woaa duude... i'm so high... @.@
2. b) LoOk At AlL ThE PrEtTy COLORS! @.@
3. ... @.@;
by meh August 03, 2004
Roll on floor laughing out loud my fucking ass off
Friend: I'm smart!
by meh December 15, 2002
what you should never spell while looking down yert shirt if yer a guy
person 1: put yer head down yer shirt and spell "attic"
person 2:<puts head in shirt> a titti i see.
by meh December 17, 2003
a person who sucks at something, usually a computer or video game.
see also suX0rZ
j00 4r3 73h suX0r. 1 4r3 73h u83r 1337
by meh December 17, 2003
The Coolest Cat on the earth, hes big and thats cool and he tells the best jokes like once he said I don't have a pencil but i do have Pencils! LMFAO, man that kids cool
I'd Give ANYTHING for Willika to sit at our lunch table today.
by Meh December 11, 2004

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