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An education "PLAN" by Bush, that cuts funding of underperforming schools. what is underperforming? a school with test results under 100%. Schools with test results of 100%:
Schools with test results under 100%:
All of them.
Children Left Behind:
Children benifiting
Results of NCLB
USA 49th in literacy
High School diploma as good as toilet paper in landing a job.
by Mediaptera February 15, 2005
1. Smarter than Republicans...Sort of...(ok not much)
2. Liberal
3. Republican enemy #1
Don't listen to him hes a Democrat
--Republican father's words to his son.
cerca 2000-2004
by Mediaptera December 24, 2004
an oxymoronic religon stating that there is a forgiving god, so its followers have to be unforgiving to people of other religons because the know that their god won't.
got that? if not siplified: STAY BACK JEW GAY ETC. but your always welcome in our church.
by Mediaptera January 02, 2005
There have been more abortions in Bush's first 4 years than there were in Clinton's 8 years and the first 30 presidents combined.
by Mediaptera February 15, 2005
Actually,it's not based on rules and restrictions.It's rule is love"
just so much as its loving someone of the opposite sex but same religon/denomination. so for people of the lower IQ:
its loving people of the same everything except genitals.
CHRISTIANITY: just another vauge oxymoron
by Mediaptera January 02, 2005
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