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loving someone is:

wanting the best for them, whether it includes you or not.
loving someone
if it comes down to it, even though you may love someone more than anything, you may just have to let them go
#love #person #heart #break #longing
by hrtbrkrkll November 08, 2009
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Love: is when two ppl r so on love that u don't no what to do and

when u are alone all you think about is him\her and even when u

are busy doing homework u get side tracked and stop and think about
how nice it would be if he was right thee. With u!! Love is driving by to
look at their house or car just to see if they r their!! Its bringing them
up just so u can say how much u love them!!

Well that's all u can say about love!! Bye=]
Boy:so wat r u doing?
Girl: o u no just driving by ur house!
Boy: why?
Girl: becuase I am loving someone!!
#love #loving #happieness #him #her
by lovelyladie5676 May 10, 2009
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