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A vagina with a muscular vaginal wall, for extra sensation
"Damn, Mary has a nice snapper!"
by Masked Pillager November 24, 2002
An anal dildo
I masterbate inserting a butt plug into my rectum.
by Masked Pillager December 10, 2002
Who am I? WHO AM I?

Some say he is demon from hell. Others say he's just another guy. However you look at it, he is man who comes to small towns wearing his marroon cloak and electrically-magically-enchanted scythe. No one can stop him, for even with his lazy walking he has some of the most fast reflexes ever seen. He steals, burns, and dissappears, never to be seen again. Sometimes when he's coming you may here him sing "The Muffin Man".
by Masked Pillager May 07, 2003
A highly-encoded MPEG2 File written on a revolutionary style CD. They're clearer, cheaper, louder, and just all-around better than VHS.
I just bought some porn on DVD.
by Masked Pillager May 07, 2003
Pussybitch is a combination of two cuss words referring to someone who is a wuss. It is an ultimate combination created by Alex Marcus.
Hahahaha, you can't ollie? What are you, a pussybitch?
by Masked Pillager June 17, 2004
A Lawn Mower Company...
Go get the Snapper® Lawn mower and mow the grass.
by Masked Pillager December 10, 2002
The part of your wall that is the supports. They're spaced out about a foot.
by Masked Pillager May 07, 2003
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