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The point near the end of a race where you surge with everything you have to pull away for the win.
I thought Ritz would keep it close, but Webb decided to drop the hammer with 500 to go!
by Markkimarkkonnen November 27, 2005
The sprint finish at the end of a foot race.
Geb ran the last 200 in 25.1. What a kick!
by Markkimarkkonnen November 27, 2005
Stop dogging it - as in you're going like you're pulling a plow behind you.
I know you're faster than that. Drop the plow!
by Markkimarkkonnen November 27, 2005
a horrible disease that makes your shit taste like chocolate
Doctor: I'm sorry Johnny, but it appears you've contracted fecescocoasis. From now on, all your poo will taste like chocolate.

Johnny: Wow! Do you have a spoon?

Doctor: Use this tongue depressor. Better not tell your parents about this, okay?
by Markkimarkkonnen October 15, 2007
Having the qualities of a large seafaring bird, often observed on beaches and having white plumage with gray back and wings.
Have you heard the obnoxious squawking sounds that come out of her mouth? They're absolutely gullible.

Yeah, I know. She also pecks out people's eyeballs with her beak.
by Markkimarkkonnen November 05, 2007
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