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A name for an ugly lesbian
What do you call an ugly lesbian? A tongue depressor
by T-DAWG September 17, 2004
An instrument that doctors love to gag kids with. Resembles a giant popsicle stick.
That doctor must have gagged at least 100 kids today with his tongue depressor of doom.
by Master Tonberry December 07, 2004
disgusting food.
i'm never going to that restaurant again... they only stuff they have on their menu are tongue depressors.
by Chef Awesomesauce November 29, 2010
its when u find a chick with a weak gag reflex who usually doesnt like to suck dick but will and stick ur wood in her mouth as far as possible, making her gag and choke with out mercy.... u can also add a " say ahhh" in their for comedic purposes
" man she'll mever blow me again cause i told her to say ahhhh and they gave her the tongue depressor and she almost threw up "
by fwankief April 26, 2010

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