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A very hott and beautiful girl.
Have you seen Bekah? She's perfect!
by Mark July 23, 2004
the object of prefection
bekah is the object of prefection
by Anonymous September 16, 2003
A perfect girl. The one you want to have and to hold. Forever. Ever and ever.
"Bekah. Will you marry me?"
by Forever for you. August 13, 2009
A sexy, curvaceous, cowgirl that knows how to handle her business.

Other note-worthy characteristics include: kindness, a lack of humility, and a predilection for crappy films (i.e. Bring it On!)
Hoo damn, did you see how Bekah handled that trashtalker?
by Le World February 16, 2008
Bekah is the most amazing girl in the world. She can be very nerdy sometimes. She is amazingly gorgeous. She makes the best girlfriend ever. She has fantastic boobs. She has good style. She is insecure sometimes. She has very good taste in music and guys. She can also be very dirty. She loves to be kissed and teased. Her favorite thing is getting bit on the neck. Bekah is amazing.
I love me some Bekah :)
Have you seen Bekah today?
by nicklovesyoulll November 18, 2010
-an extremely good trumpet player
-someone with a unique personality who is liked by many people, especially other musicians
-someone who has mostly male friends
-a target of jealous people
-a very intelligent and interesting person
-someone who loves potatoes
-an unusually humble person who doesn't think highly of himself or herself
Wow, she hit that double G like a Bekah!
Dude, she's as awesome as a Bekah!
Man, I'm eating potatoes as much as a Bekah would!
by The-Bekah-Lover February 08, 2010
The most beautiful girl in the world. Some say her beauty is comparable to that of a queen. She always looks like royalty, and has a wonderful personality. She isn't quick to judge, but she won't hesitate to send you to the dungeon if you cross her.
Bekah, you're so pretty.
by ilikeunicorns August 12, 2011

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