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Similar to the wet willy, it's when you wet your finger with vaginal juice and give her a wet willy/swilly. Short for snatch willy.
I was fingering Patty on the balcony outside the party when I realized that the entire crew was watching us. I decided to give them a show and provide her with a nice wet swilly.
by OdetoOGmudbone September 10, 2010
1. Someone who lives in North Prospect in Plymouth, England. See shit-hole.

2. A hardcore janner with a screw loose. See swill-on and dickhead.
1. He lives up swilly way

2. Don't mess with him, he's a right swilly.
by WhosYourDaddy January 14, 2004
A person who lives in a crap area in a crap house with washing machines outside and borded up windows and, people who wear burberry or aquascutum clothes and rockport shoes and have a rather unusual accent also the speech of which words are shortened.
ere bey!
ya cont!
by Rick Shiu December 21, 2003
Like a chav but worse. Originate from the estate Swilly in Plymouth where a four bed house cost £6k. Now renamed North Prospect. Gold ridden, tracksuit wearing fucks who like to fight.
"err what you looking at you cunt, wanna fight i'm a swilly."
by Marlon detroit July 06, 2006
In ultimate, used to describe hucks that are floaty, inaccurate, or otherwise sloppy.
Is tossing swilly shit at their covered but unusually athletic deeps their whole offense?
by mxxie April 25, 2009
(Pronunciation: swɪli) adj. To be drunk on an abysmally cheap alcoholic beverage esp. wine.
Where did Paul get that malbec? Right Aid? Wow. I got so swilly last night!
by TheYoungEgotist August 08, 2012
Reffered to by many as "the missing link" between monkey and man. About 5 foot tall with a "hobo like" beard
I was going to sleep last night and a swilly was watching me undress out the window.
by canttell April 06, 2007

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