30 definitions by Mallory

Two girls rubbing their clams together
Sara and Nastassja love clam mashing with eachother.
by Mallory January 06, 2004
"A cherokee singing karaeoke"
Hey, look, she's chereokee!"
by Mallory February 28, 2005
Someone who wears very skanky clothes. Derived from the word skank, this is good slang.
That girl with the short top is Skankalishious.
by Mallory January 13, 2005
A swicy, sexy, gorilla beast!
Richard is a hermaphrospam!
by Mallory April 29, 2003
It basically means confused. But mixed with a "Snoop Dogg" style.
You make me so confuzzled sometimes.
by Mallory March 28, 2005
Meaning something smells/looks super ugly.
Man, she is rank!!
Could he be anymore rank??
by Mallory October 14, 2004
One of the best "Emo Screamo" Bands in the history of the universe. THEY OWN!!!!
Finch is rockin out, yo.

by Mallory January 19, 2004

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