30 definitions by Mallory

A person called Whit Whit does what they want when they want with no questions asked main motto ILL DECIDE FOR MYSELF and they do
I asked her to take care of this for me but she decided to be like Whit Whit
by mallory February 17, 2005
A single person who is available to date.
Don't be hitting on Marsha, man, she's ripe for the pickin' but you ain't no farmer!
by Mallory December 20, 2004
A popular brand of Marshmallows wnjoyed by Homestar Runner and friends, advertised by marshie, an over-exitable giant marshmallow.
"Stack 'em to the heavens!"
by Mallory December 23, 2003
a cock that resembles a sausage.
After I sit on my boyfriends beefworm he loves felching me.
by Mallory January 06, 2004
30+ year old men who offer to pay for hotels only to boink for hours.
Bill is a total sexperv.
by Mallory January 06, 2004
means to: have hot wild sex all night long......
my boyfriend and i are going to tonka tonk tonight!!!!
by mallory March 12, 2005
Something that is really messed up.
Thats jigity jacked up man
by Mallory December 19, 2004

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